Template for the Two-Page Extended Abstract for the
4th International Symposium on Acoustic Communication by Animals

Charles Darwin, International Institute for Bioacoustics, University of Biology and Acoustics, Puerto Madryn, Argentina, darwin@bioacoustics.ar [provide email address only for the corresponding author]

Robert Fitzroy, Thomas H. Huxley, and Syms Covington, Department of Natural History, Royal Naval Academy, Portsmouth, England, UK [list multiple authors from the  same institution this way]

Albert Einstein, Patent Examination Office, Berne, Switzerland

This is the template for extended abstracts. Please use this template in making up your document, by removing each section of text and replacing it with your own writing. For instance, select the whole title above and type in your title; then select the first author lines and type in the name, affiliation, and email address; then select the second author and type in the name and affiliation; etc. This will preserve the formatting. Delete any material that you don’t use, including these paragraphs and the figure and caption below.

The first paragraph immediately above has special formatting (12 points of space before it, and no indent), but successive paragraphs are all the same and you can select them all, delete them, and type your text as needed.

The paper size is Letter (8.5” x 11”), and the page margins are 1”.  The first paragraph of text is not indented, but successive paragraphs are indented 3/8”, as has been done in this paragraph. . All fonts are “Times New Roman”. The title is 14-point, figure captions are 10-point, and all other text is 11-point. Except for the institutional affiliations after the authors’ names, italics and boldface are used sparingly if at all. Text is in one column and left-justified, except for the title, figures, and figure captions, which are centered on the page.

Figures are centered on the page, and whenever possible, are placed at the top or bottom of a page. Figure captions have margins that are 1/2” wider on both left and right, so that the text is 1.5” from the edges of the page. Figures are in black, white, and gray, as that is how they will be printed.

Please submit your extended abstract as a .doc or .rtf file, not as a PDF, as it will aid us in collating all of the abstracts.  Make sure that your extended abstract is no longer than two pages!

Fig. 1. Spectrogram of Pacific blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) vocalizations recorded in Monterey Bay, California. In a figure caption, the font is 10-point, unlike the 11-point font used elsewhere, and the page margins are ½” narrower than other text.

This is text after a graphic. Leave one line of blank space between a figure caption and the text (or other graphic) following it, or if there is text immediately before a figure, leave one blank line before the figure.

Again, please make sure that your extended abstract is at most two pages long!

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